Inclusive Juries: Submissions

The Commission has received the following submissions to its review of Inclusive Juries: Access for People Who Are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind or Have Low Vision. We thank the organisations and individuals for their submissions.

The submissions below are published with the permission of those who submitted them. The Commission does not publish submissions that are confidential, offensive, defamatory, or do not relate to the project. Private information about people other than the author is de-identified. Opinions in submissions are those of the submitters and not the Commission.

All submissions are published in Microsoft Word for accessibility reasons.

We also thank those who responded to our community survey. We received a total of 27 responses to the survey. Survey responses may be referred to in our reports or publications without identifying the submitter but they will not be published on our website. 

Publication Status: 
Publication Process: 
Date Of Publication: 
01 Jun 2021

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