Improving the Response of the Justice System to Sexual Offences: Submissions

The Commission has received the following submissions to its review of Improving the Response of the Justice System to Sexual Offences. The Commission will upload submissions to this review as they are processed. 

The submissions below are published with the permission of those who submitted them. The Commission does not publish submissions that are confidential, offensive, defamatory, or do not relate to the project. Private information about people other than the author is de-identified. Opinions in submissions are those of the submitters and not the Commission.

This page also contains a link (below) to the short paper Summary of Responses to the Online Feedback Form from People with Experience of Sexual Assault. This is not a formal submission but contains anonymous responses which will be used, together with submissions, consultations and research, to develop recommendations for reforms.

Content warning

The materials in these submissions relate to sexual assault and/or violence. Some content may be confronting or disturbing.

If you need help, here are some options for advice and support.

Ethical reporting

The Victorian Law Reform Commission encourages sensitive, ethical reporting of the issues related to this reference and requests that, wherever possible, the contact details of support services are included in media reports because people who have experienced sexual harm may have long lasting trauma.

Submissions to this inquiry and the public consultation phase closed 23 December 2020.  Submissions on the proposed 'grab and drag' offence are open until 2 April 2021.

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30 Mar 2021

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