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The office of the Victorian Law Reform Commission will be closed until further notice due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. You can still contact the VLRC by email law.reform@lawreform.vic.gov.au or by phone: (03) 8608 7800.


VLRC Statement re Parliament of Victoria Hansard record of 16 September 2020 – a clarification

On 16 September 2020, the second reading debate for the Victorian Law Reform Commission Amendment Bill 2020 took place in the Legislative Council and is recorded on pages 2813-2828 of Hansard. The Bill is brought to Parliament by Mr Stuart Grimley MP of Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party. 

The VLRC notes that the characterisation of the VLRC’s view of that Bill as recorded in the speech of Mr Grimley MP is incorrect.

The Hansard record reads at page 2827, last paragraph, as follows:

We have spoken to the Victorian Law Reform Commission, and although they hold no formal position as could be expected in relation to our bill, they did say that this bill would not have any additional funds associated with it and that resources could be easily redirected to what we are proposing. The law reform commission, although non-committal, was not exactly against the proposal.

For the sake of clarity the VLRC states that the VLRC does not hold the view that the Bill would have no funding implications for the VLRC or that funds could easily be redirected to the proposed increased community law reform function.

The VLRC is an independent agency and as such, does not comment on legislative proposals such as the Bill currently before the Parliament.

Hon. Anthony North QC


Sexual Offences Issues Papers

Eight short Issues Papers are now online for the Commission's inquiry into the justice system and sexual offences.

Contempt of Court

Contempt of court report available now

4 August 2020: The Commission's report on Contempt of court and the Judicial Proceedings Reports Act 1958  has been tabled in Parliament. Download it here.



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Committals report published

Our report on Committals was tabled in Parliament on 16 September 2020. In this report we recommend that the committal test be abolished, and other reforms to make the pre-trial process more efficient, fairer and better for victims. Download the Committals report.

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