Final reports

For each project, the Commission publishes a final report, which is submitted to government and subsequently tabled in the Victorian Parliament.

This page lists reports produced by the Commission since it commenced operations in 2001.

Reports that were produced by an earlier body, the Law Reform Commission of Victoria, are not on this website. You can access those reports (1985-1992) on the austlii website.

May 2008

Civil Justice

In May 2004, the Attorney-General issued a Justice Statement indicating directions for reform of Victoria's justice system. The statement's concerns in civil justice included the need to streamline...
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Oct 2007


The bail system in Victoria has an impact that reaches beyond the confines of the legislation and is a crucial element in the delivery of justice. For all this, the Bail Act 1977 had neither been...
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Jun 2007

Assisted Reproductive Technology & Adoption

The development of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) since the 1980s coincided with significant shifts in the make-up of Australian families. By the early 2000s, it had become evident that...
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May 2006

Family Violence

Note: This is the page for the Commission's 2006 Family Violence inquiry. For the 2017 Family Violence and the Victims of Crime Assistance Act inquiry click here.An alarming number of Victorians...
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Feb 2006


The law of evidence in Australia has been a mixture of statute, common law and rules of court and has varied, sometimes greatly, from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For many years, strong arguments...
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