Final reports

For each project, the Commission publishes a final report, which is submitted to government and subsequently tabled in the Victorian Parliament.

This page lists reports produced by the Commission since it commenced operations in 2001.

Reports that were produced by an earlier body, the Law Reform Commission of Victoria, are not on this website. You can access those reports (1985-1992) on the austlii website.

Photographing and filming tenants' possessions cover
Mar 2015

Photographing and filming tenants' possessions for advertising purposes

Arising out of discussions with the Tenants Union of Victoria, this Community Law Reform Project addressed concerns that the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (Vic) had not kept up with changes to how...
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Trading Trusts cover
Jan 2015

Trading trusts—oppression remedies

A trading trust is a popular way to structure a business, an alternative to forming a company. Like other trusts, a trading trust has a trustee that holds property on behalf of beneficiaries. The...
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Forfeiture report cover
Oct 2014


The forfeiture rule prevents a person who has unlawfully killed another from inheriting from their victim or acquiring another financial benefit from the death. It expresses community's extreme...
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Cover of Crimes (Mental Impairment) report
Aug 2014

Crimes (Mental Impairment)

The courts frequently deal with people charged with offences who require a special response from the law due to their serious mental impairment, intellectual disability or mental illness. The legal...
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Jury empanelment consultation paper cover
May 2014

Jury Empanelment

One important aspect of jury trials is that they allow citizens to take direct part in our justice system. Consequently, the processes by which juries are empaneled, especially how and which people...
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