Final reports

For each project, the Commission publishes a final report, which is submitted to government and subsequently tabled in the Victorian Parliament.

This page lists reports produced by the Commission since it commenced operations in 2001.

Reports that were produced by an earlier body, the Law Reform Commission of Victoria, are not on this website. You can access those reports (1985-1992) on the austlii website.

Dec 2016

Funeral and Burial Instructions

What will happen to your body when you die? Have you written instructions for your funeral and burial? Or have you been involved in a family dispute about the funeral of a loved one?This Community...
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Nov 2016

Victims of Crime in the Criminal Trial Process

Victims of crime have a great deal at stake in the criminal trial process, and perhaps they have not received the support their special interests deserve. In recent years, their treatment by the...
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May 2016

Regulatory Regimes Preventing the Infiltration of Organised Crime into Lawful Occupations and Industries

In recent years, there's been a growing recognition that organised crime groups use lawful occupations and industires as a cover for their illicit activities. So, in October 2014, the Commission was...
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Dec 2015

Adoption Act

Although adoption rates in Victoria are low compared to former times, adoption law profoundly affects each person it touches. For an adopted child, the birth mother and the adopting parents the law...
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Medicinal Cannabis
Oct 2015

Medicinal Cannabis

Although its use is illegal in Victoria, cannabis has frequently been used to eleviate certain medical symptoms. Patients who have used cannabis medicinally in this way have reported significant...
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