Neighbourhood Tree Disputes: Quiz

How much do you know about the law of neighbourhood tree disputes? take our quiz and test your knowledge.

More information about neighbourhood tree disputes can be found in our consultation paper. 

For the answers, click on the link at the end of the quiz.


1.True or false: If a tree is wholly on your land, you always have the right to do what you like to it.


2.Who is responsible for trimming back branches that grow over a neighbour’s fence?

a.The tree-owner

b.The neighbour

c.The council


3.True or false: Under the current law, if you trim branches of a neighbour’s tree overhanging your property, you must return the branches to your neighbour.


4.Alex’s neighbour’s tree overhangs his property, dropping twigs and leaves into the pool, and clogging his gutters. Alex has asked the neighbour several times to prune the tree, but the neighbour refuses to do anything about it. Alex decides to take matters into his own hands, and goes into his neighbour’s garden to more easily prune the tree. Is Alex within his rights?


5.True or false: A tree’s root system extends only as far as its canopy. 


6.Jimmy’s neighbour has a large tree growing in their yard.  Some of the roots have grown into Jimmy’s yard, and he is concerned that they will crack his concrete paving and disturb the foundations of his house. In order to avoid damage to his property, Jimmy decides to kill the tree’s roots on his side of the fence. He treats them with powerful herbicide, which kills the entire tree. Is Jimmy within his rights? 


7.True or false: Your local council can assist in the resolution of a tree dispute and order your neighbour to perform certain works on the tree. 


8.Minh has talked to her neighbour about their problem tree, but she has got nowhere. A friend tells her “All you can do now is take them to court”. Is the friend right or wrong? 


9.Which of the following have been the subject of court cases in Victoria about tree disputes?

a.Encroaching roots

b.Branches causing damage

c.Trees causing injury

d.Trees dropping leaves, fruit and pollen

e.All of the above


10.The law in Victoria regarding tree disputes is contained within one Act of Parliament which contains all you need to know.


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08 Dec 2017
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