Disputes Between Co-owners: Discussion Paper

The Disputes between Co-owners: Discussion Paper was released on 21 June 2001 and received 16 submissions.

The paper looks at rules that define an ownership arrangement and how such arrangements can be changed. It asks how people who own land or property together can resolve disputes easily and cheaply.  

Below is an outline of the chapters:

Chapter 1: Co-ownership in Victoria Background
Chapter 2: Creation of Tenancies in Common and Joint Tenancies
Chapter 3: Converting a Joint Tenancy into a Tenancy in Common
Chapter 4: Ending Co-ownership of Land
Chapter 5: Other Remedies Available when Land is Sold or Divided
Chapter 6: Sale and Division of Personal Property

For a hard copy of the paper contact the Commission on 03 8608 7800 or email law.reform@lawreform.vic.gov.au

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Victorian Law Reform Commission
Date published: 
01 Jun 2001
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