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What is the Victorian Law Reform Commission? 

The Victorian Law Reform Commission is an independent, government-funded organisation that develops, reviews and recommends reform of Victoria’s laws. The Commission has a charter to consult with the community and advise the Attorney-General on how to improve and update Victorian laws.

Consultation at the Commission

The Commission consults the community to help us understand different views and experiences of the law by talking and listening to people. This information, along with written submissions and our own research, is used to write our reports and develop recommendations.

As well as consultation meetings, the Commission uses online polling and surveys to gather responses to our projects, and occasionally online forums.

Questionnaires and surveys

The Commission uses online surveys to obtain responses from sections of the community who are unlikely to, or do not have the time to make a formal submission. Surveys generally ask a few simple questions about people's experience of the law being reviewed.

How are survey responses used by the Commission?

Survey responses are collected anonymously and are not made publicly available. The Commission sometimes asks participants to provide their post code. This helps the Commission to collect information about emerging trends and to identify if further consultation in a particular locality would be helpful.

Sometimes survey participants choose to provide their email address. If you do this the Commission may contact you to further discuss your response, and we may send you a final copy of our report if you wish to receive it.

The Commission often refers to survey responses or polling information in its reports. If survey responses are referred to, they are listed anonymously by number according to the date received.
Although the Commission does not make survey responses public, a member of the public may make a request to see the responses under Freedom of Information legislation.  Any such request will be determined in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic), which has provisions designed to protect personal information and information given in confidence. Further information can be found at


Modern information and communication technologies play a fundamental role in the activities of the Victorian Law Reform Commission. Protecting your privacy and your personal information is an important aspect of the way we create, organise and implement our activities online and offline.

More information about how we deal with privacy is available on our website:


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