Consultation meeting - a quick guide

What is the Victorian Law Reform Commission? 

The Victorian Law Reform Commission (VLRC) is an independent body that helps the Victorian Government improve the law.

Sometimes laws can be out of date, too complex, or discriminatory. The VLRC looks at laws and makes recommendations about how to fix them.

Then the Government decides whether to act on the VLRC recommendations.

Many important changes have happened because of the VLRC’s recommendations.

Why do we consult the community?
We want people to tell us about their experiences with the law, and how laws could be improved. This helps us understand the problems that need to be fixed.
Speaking to people to learn about their experiences and opinions is called a consultation meeting. We can talk to one person or a group of people so that they can share ideas with each other.
We hold consultations in a place near to you, or sometimes at our offices in Melbourne.

What happens at a consultation?

Before the consultation we publish a consultation paper. The paper provides information about the problem as well as a list of questions for you to think about.

At the consultation we will:

  • introduce the people from the Commission
  • ask for the names of the people attending
  • explain what we want to know about
  • invite you to tell us your opinions and experiences
  • take notes to help us write our report.

What can be discussed at a consultation?

We can only talk to you about things related to the law we are reviewing.

We can’t advise you about personal legal problems. 

What happens after a consultation?

We will send you a record of the things we discussed, so you can check that we got your comments right.

We use the record to help us write our report and we might refer to what you said.  We will check that you are happy for us to report what you said and to record your name in our report, at the start of our consultation and will not refer to information you want to keep private. 

It is possible for a member of the public to ask to see the consultation record by making a freedom of information request. Usually if you have asked for your name or what you say to be kept private, the law won’t allow anyone outside the VLRC to see the record or find out that you have spoken to the VLRC.

Providing a submission

As well as talking to us we also like you to make a written submission to the Commission. A submission is your ideas or opinions about the law that we are looking at. It could be a personal story about how the law has affected you or answers to the list of questions in our consultation paper. You can send it in an email or a letter.

If you need help with making a submission you can call us and talk to a staff member who can write down your submission for you.

We will publish your submission on our web site for anyone to read unless you tell us you want to keep it private.

The Commission needs to receive your submission by the date advertised in the consultation paper and on the website. 

More information

You can call us on (03) 8608 7800 or TTY 1300 666 557.


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